System Solution & Security Software

Embedded Software

From implantable to wearable, embedded system software has become an integrated part of our lives. We help companies across all markets continue to push the boundaries of hardware and software design through our dedicated embedded system engineering practice.

Azure Software offers a wide array of software services to its clients. The company offers product designing, development, maintenance, and testing services for embedded software.

The services of Azure Software are intended to satisfy client’s requirements and to meet the needs of client’s product with the utmost excellence and quality.

Firmware Development

Azure Software has flourished as a Firmware developer and has a reputable presence in the software development industry. Our team comprises experts for different firmware technologies.

We have successfully ported various types of Operating Systems on to various types of processor / microcontroller families with different hardware configurations.

  • Some of the OS we have worked on are:
    •   VxWorks
    •   RTLinux
    •   Home grown RTOS

  • Azure has experience working with the following processors :
    •   MIPS
    •   ARM/StrongARM Architecture,
    •   Intel RISC – i960, IXP1200 or x86-based

Device Driver

Azure Software is a developer of device driver for Windows and Linux platforms. Device driver is basically a computer program that controls a particular type of device that is attached to a computer.

A device driver acts as a translator amid a hardware device and the operating systems or the applications and simplifies programming.

The software engineers in Azure Software are highly efficient in writing drivers

Storage, Networks & File systems Protocol

Azure Software offers services on storage, networks and file system protocols. The company is expertise in Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Directly Attached Storage (DAS).

The highly experienced and talented engineers in Azure Software are well versed with the technical languages and the file system protocol.

Enterprise & Mobile Solution


The ERP software can deliver power, scalability and robust functionality to the companies. It provides a strong foundation for a company's success. It gives better operational control with automated Inventory Management. The Sales Cycle is streamlined, there's a productivity boost, Profitability is increased, Adherence to Regulatory Requirements is simplified and Quality Management is enhanced.

Azure Software will provide the ERP solution that will help to efficiently manage business processes even at the time of market volatility. It has a robust architecture, user-friendly features and industry specific functionality which helps to boost productivity and simplifies operations.

Mobile Apps

Innovation and creativity give birth to new products and the demand for the product raises product value. Azure possesses highly skilled software professionals efficient in developing mobile applications in par with the client’s requirements.

The increase in usage of mobile and popularity of mobile applications has given rise to the demand of new applications. The increasing demand of new applications has become a frequent across mobile phone users.

Azure Software has developed mobile applications for various platforms supporting client’s product requirements.

Application Programming

Azure Software provides combined business experience, technical excellence and intense knowledge of software in par with the newest industry trends across the globe.

Application programming works on top of the system software and doesn’t work without an operating system and the system utilities.

Azure Software is a developer of application programs or end-user programs, according to the client’s requirements. Azure Software is having the experience in Finance domain, Healthcare and others.

Data Handling & Analysis

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Azure Software has expertise in Data Acquisition and analysis. Azure software provides real time data analysis to its customers.

The technical expertise of the company in Data Acquisition and analysis is outstanding and has been appreciated by the clients across the globe.

Data gathering is a process of sampling signals from the instruments and fed into a computer. The computer shows the online data graphically (as simple graph, slope or trend diagram) and simultaneously stores into a database.

Data is then analyzed, either online or offline periodically to produce reports, which are instrumental for DSS and MIS.

With Azure’s support, gathering data and analyzing from the instruments are no longer tough. Azure’s experts work closely with the customer and help them carry out any project from conception to implementation.

Azure Software is having the expertise to Extract data through MIL 1553, MODBUS, RS 422, RS 232 and others.

Image Processing

Image processing is a method to convert an image into digital form and perform some operations on it, in order to get an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from it.

Azure Software Pvt. Ltd offers a comprehensive image processing solution that can be customized to meet the needs of both large and small organizations. We use sophisticated techniques like automated quality assessment to deliver best-in-class services.

Expert & rule based system

An Expert System (ES) is defined by the Expert Systems group of the British Computer Society as: 'the modeling, within a computer, of expert knowledge in a given domain, such that the resulting system can offer intelligent advice or take intelligent decisions'. It is a problem-solving program that achieves good performance in a specialized problem domain that generally requires specialized knowledge and skill.

Azure Software has developed a Decision Support System tool based on rule based expert system. The knowledge base, in the expert system, captures human knowledge in a computer to solve problem that ordinarily require human expertise. Expert system engine then seeks and utilizes relevant information from their human users and from available knowledge bases in order to make recommendations.

Machine learning

Machine learning is an application that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human interference.

Machine learning has several very practical applications that drive the kind of real business results – such as time and money savings – that have the potential to dramatically impact the future of organization

Real Time Data Capture

The Real-Time Data Capture enables the creation and expansion of access to high-quality, real-time, data captured from infrastructure. Data Capture collects real-time data from single sources and modes, and then it either integrates the data across modes and sources or makes it available for users to incorporate according to their needs.

Azure Software has expertise in Real Time Data Capture and analysis. Azure software provides real time data analysis to its customers.

The technical expertise of the company in Data Acquisition and analysis is outstanding and has been appreciated by the clients across the globe.


OCR software enables businesses to recognize and understand the text information contained in their scanned image documents. Without OCR tools, searching for vital information can take hours (or more) of costly and frustrating labor as employees sift through image files looking for keywords manually.

  • Main benefits of OCR are :
    •   Enables Instant Information Search
    •   Enable digital Transformation

Azure Software, a technology solution provider, has already established itself as reliable OCR Solution provider in the niche market.

Simulation Software

Azure software develops simulation software and works as an independent IT company. As a software development company, Azure aims at creating new software as required by the customers.

A simulated environment is created for Proof of Concept, Software development and subsequent validation of results.

The simulations are multi-level simulation. The same Software is capable of switching between Simulation and Real data in run-time at different levels.